The Luxuriast is a platform that follows the views of the luxe life and what it has to offer by international actor and model Shaun Melady.

Shaun has created this outlet, in-conjunction with his career in entertainment, to connect with brands and provide a different kind of exposure, all while filming and shooting for TV, film, runway and commercial productions.

As an actor and model, Shaun works on-screen and on the stage while starring in roles found on Amazon Prime, Atlantic Records, and various major network productions. He also walks for runway shows for the luxurious and esteemed New York Fashion Week, as well as various fashion shows for couture designers.

As a product of these productions, The Luxuriast covers luxury lifestyle, travel, fashion, automotive and leisure stories. Shaun is utilizing his background from an established career in Communications to share stories about the different types of lifestyle elements that readers and followers can experience.

In his previous Communications career, he managed Public Relations, Marketing and Communications for companies such as SeaWorld, the NASCAR company, Jaguar Land Rover and various other corporations. Shaun’s previous editorial work can also be found in publications such as: USA TODAY Action Sports, Robb Report, Upscale Living Magazine, Chilled Magazine, Millennium Magazine, Dolce Magazine and various other outlets.

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