Shredding, styling and selfie-ing with adidas Skateboarding’s new Na-kel Smith Collection

Original article found on USA TODAY Action Sports

You read it correctly, I just used the term “selfie” in a headline. What a world we live in, right? Right!

The newest collection out from adidas Skateboarding features apparel and footwear by pro rider, Na-kel Smith. He has transformed his passion for boarding and athletics not only to competition but to street and style.

The two forces joined up and created what is now the Na-kel Smith collection consisting of a six-piece collection of shoes, including a customized version representing Smith’s personal brand and identity called the Na-kel Matchcourt RX3. This unique pair has been made with a canvas topper and bounded by leather to bring an additional level of comfort and stability to street performance.

In addition to the stylistic shoe, the collection also boasts with a selection of: hoodies, jerseys, t-shirts, shorts and socks—anchored by his original all-over caricature print and color blocking. The Na-kel Smith Collection shows the athlete’s own personality along with his background that he brought with him from amateur days to pro status. The collection has been entirely crafted by the adidas Skateboarding rider and reflects a character that he has drawn since he was a kid.

“It’s a doodle based off of a younger me,” said Smith. “Now, it’s my friend.”

The line represents a shift in culture as well as an understanding in the generation that it reaches, and deserves to be applauded.

The Na-kel Smith Collection will be available at specialty adidas retailers worldwide and the adidas Skateboarding website starting March 10.

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